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Using magnalox Mobile

loxtrax, the mobile application for magnalox

loxtrax is the ideal application to repeat yourself a magnalog as published on www.magnalox.net. It shows you your current position and the route the magnalog's author took. It marks the locations where the author added a story and informs you when approaching such a location. The free magnalox edition of loxtrax displays the map shown in the magnalog as a moving background map, marking you position in it.

It also supports you in produceing your own magnalogs to be published as a magnalog on www.magnalox.net. It logs tracks and records Points Of Interest ("POI"s) on a keystroke. These POIs can be used as the seed for a full magnalog to be created on www.magnalox.net lateron.

Furthermore, loxtrax is a general purpose Pocket PC GPS application that reads data as sent from a GPS device (or a file), records and displays it in various ways. It displays tracks, POIs, maps and other relevant informations, which can be downloaded from www.magnalox.net or manually created.

More detailed informations about loxtrax can be found »here

Accessing the magnalox website with a Pocket PC

The magnalox webserver now detects the Pocket PC web-browser and adapts the content and it's appearance then. This is required due to the limitations of small displays, the simplified browser and the often limited and expensive bandwith. Unneccessary informations like background images are omitted, the layout is denser when a Pocket PC is requesting webpages.

I adapted magnalox's userinterface when Pocket Internet Explorer is detected, but this is not yet a fully finished activity. The DHTML functions required (extensive JavaScript and CSS) for a full magnalog display (moving cursors etc) are not available on Pocket Internet Explorer ("PIE"), but the print version of a magnalog is fully accessible to Pocket PCs.