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loxtrax downloads

loxtrax for Windows Mobile V1.11.10:
installation program: ›download
To be installed from a Windows PC with ActiveSync running by starting the .exe file. Follow the instructions then.
A readme file is included.
cab-file, install directly on the PDA: ›download
Install the .cab file by opening it with the Pocket Internet Explorer or by opening it with the PDA's file explorer. No Windows required. Also suitable for Mac OS or Linux users who can copy files onto the PDA.
To obtain a unlimited version, please ›register here after installation.
Find user feedback in the ›user feedback table.
Example data files: This zip package contains a NMEA-file to simulate GPS input, a POI file, a LOI file displaying the suggested track and a map file, for use with the magnalox edition of loxtrax.
Zipped Example Data: ›download unzip the files and save them on the PDA where they can be read by loxtrax. A readme.txt file is included.
Loxtrax User Manual: ›download (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Live Tracking Overview: ›download (PDF, 340 KB)
Live Tracking How-To: ›download (PDF, 340 KB)
Feedback: Please let us know what hard- and software- configuration you are using,
if not already listed ›in this table.

PDA hardware, like "Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket Loox 720":

Operating system, like "Windows Mobile 5":

GPS Hardware, like "RoyalTek RBT-3000":

loxtrax version: . .

COM Port used: with Baud

Short comment:



  • Use loxtrax "as is" on your own risk. Don't use it for navigational purposes.
  • Have a look into the ›forum in case of trouble.
  • Make sure that the GPS device is running, connected and the interface is correctly set after installation (in loxtrax "Settings" ⇒ "Interface")
  • If you want to try out loxtrax without having a GPS device handy, just download the example data package. It contains a NMEA file that can be used instead of a real GPS data source.
  • loxtrax doesn't need no .NET, dlls or other runtime libaries ("frameworks") installed.
  • loxtrax uses only GPGGA and GPRMC NMEA "sentences", both must be sent by the GPS. All other records are ignored. Make sure the GPS is sending NMEA, not SIRF or other data.
  • The amount of memory required when running is mainly determined by the size of the background map loaded.
  • To unzip files on a PocketPC you will need a utility. If you don't have one already installed, there are free tools available. One is Pocket RAR.
  • You can derive from the version number what changed: When in 1.X.Y the X changes, it means functionality was added or changed. When Y changes, bugs were fixed (what bugs?).
  • Please make sure your GPS device is running, sees enough satellites and is connected properly before reporting bugs. Try out different baudrates and COM ports.
  • De-installation:
     exe version: use ActiveSyncs "Software" function
     CAB version: use the PDAs "Settings" ⇒ "System" ⇒ "Remove Programs" function
    De-installation doesn't remove recordings.
  • If in doubt with POIs or LOIs, have a look at the downloadable example files above. You can find out the dataformats loxtrax expects by examining the files supplied with a text editor.