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Register loxtrax

How registration works
  1. Install and test the free downloadable, unregistered version from ›here.
  2. Enter below the Software Key as found in loxtrax ("Loxtrax"->"Register" )
    and the email address to which the License Key shall be sent (not published).
  3. Pay the registration fee 20 by clicking the PayPal button below.
    You will be led to the PayPal website.
  4. After recieving a payment notification from PayPal, we email the License Key
    to the address entered.
  5. Enter the License Key in loxtrax using the menu function "Loxtrax"->"register"
    for an unlimited version.
For informations about loxtrax' current registration status, use the "Loxtrax" -> "About" dialog.
Order a License Key
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