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  1. Magnalox publishes the data you author, that's the purpose of magnalox.
  2. The account owner is responsible for the content he or she posts, magnalox acts only as the web-space provider.
  3. Don't publish copyrighted material like maps or images without prior written agreement from the owner/author. Even scans from maps you bought are copyrighted, even if it is not explicitly noticed. The author will be held responsible for violations.
  4. Magnalox will rather delete data or accounts than running into legal discussions.
  5. Magnalox is authorized to delete free accounts or logs without notice. It will be applied very carefully but it will be applied when required.
  6. Reasons for deletion (amongst others) are abuse of the resources or posting offending or illegal material or links to illegal material.
  7. Your email address is not published on magnalox and not made acessible to third parties.
  8. From time to time magnalox deletes abandoned free accounts that show no activity over a longer period.
  9. Please enter only an email-address that is actually monitored. The address is not visible to others and will only be used for urgent informations related to magnalox.
  10. Free accounts with uncorrect or unmonitored email-addresses can be deleted.
  11. Magnalox may be forced to limit resources like webspace or traffic if required (what never happened so far).
  12. Advertising is not allowed on magnalox, recommendations are.
  13. There is no right to obtain or keep a free account on magnalox.
  14. Magnalox can change the Terms and Conditions of usage at any time without notice.
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