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Get the resources you need

magnalox offers extra webspace and features for users needing more
than available for a free account.

Account comparison:

account type /
available webspace
incl. database space
200 KB 40 MB
max. number
of magnalogs
20 100
maximum position
samples per magnalog
1024 4096
maximum number of
photos per magnalog
20 80
maximum photo
size (width x height)
320 x 200 pixels 800 x 800 pixels
maximum audio files per
magnalog (.mp3)
not supported 80
selectable magnalog
styles ("themes")
not supported yes
maximum filesize per
single upload
512 KB 4 MB

Upgrading is simple and fast

  1. Sign up for a free account and explore the free features.
  2. Just click on "order webspace" after logging in.
  3. When paid over the internet, magnalox upgrades your
    account according to your order within minutes.

The fee for extra 40 megabytes of webspace plus the additional features as described above is 6 Euro per month (1 ≈ 1.2 US$, Mar 2006) if subscribed for a year.
40 megabytes is suffcient for at least 60 average sized magnalogs.

magnalox services go beyond

magnalox offers services going far beyond those explained above. If you need a tool to document
GPSable activities or to create your own maps and reports, we have the solution for you.

The magnalox server has a modern, modular design and is highly customizable.
We can satisfy requirements from user-accounts having even larger webspace up to fully
customized websites, customized reports or maps, operating on dedicated servers.
We can set up a magnalox server on a new domainname of your choice,
granting you full access to user data within a day.

We are offering the full spectrum of services ranging from map- or magnalog- production
up to customer-specific solutions using APIs, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, C++, email or FTP,
just to mention a few technologies in our toolbox.

We are experienced in implementing high-end solutions for PDAs and Mobile Phones,
exchanging informations with magnalox or other servers.

Just contact us ›here.