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Millstaetter See - Egelsee

walking around the Millstaetter See in Carinthia.
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Story 1/3,Thu Jun 16 10:37:21 2005, after 0d 00:00:00 Lat:46.814030 Lon:13.509707 Elevation:595.2 m
We start our walk in the little village Seeboden.
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Story 2/3,Thu Jun 16 13:01:22 2005, after 0d 02:24:01 Lat:46.784321 Lon:13.559862 Elevation:777 m
At the Egelsee you can stop and go swimming.
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Story 3/3,Thu Jun 16 15:58:40 2005, after 0d 05:21:19 Lat:46.791397 Lon:13.568340 Elevation:687.9 m
After the long walk on tpb of the hill we now reach the lake. The next kilometers are dircectly along the border.
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