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A 6-day bicycle tour (with my Birdy) from Fortezza/Italy, via Toblach, Lienz to Graz/Austria.
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The tour starts in Fortezza/Franzensfeste at the train station. Fortezza can easily reached by train, because it is the main line between Austria and Italy. Follow the main road and enter into the Pustertal. There is a lot of traffic in the beginning, but after 17 km from Fortezza one can change to a bikepath at Obervintl (probably even earlier). The route then follows the river Rienz, running through Brunico/Brunneck and reaching the maximum heigth at 1256 hm in Dobbiaco/Toblach. Following the river Drau, (Drauradweg) one crosses the Austrian border shortly after Winnebach. Further villages/cities along the path are: Lienz, Oberdrauburg, Steinfeld, Spittal a.d. Drau, Feistritz a.d. Drau, Villach. At St. Niklas one can leave the Drauradweg and make a short trip around the Faaker-See. Then follow again the Drauradweg through Rosegg, Kirschentheuer, along the Völkermarkter Stausee. I then left the river Drau and after a steep climb near "Lind" with a wonderful view into the Granitztal, I reached "St. Paul im Lavanttal" which is also called "Schatzkammer Kärntens" due to the monastry in St. Paul.

Monastry St. Paul

Then follow the river Lavant through St. Andrä and Wolfsberg. The bikepath ends in Wolfsberg and one has to follow the road through Bad St. Leonhard and Reichenfels. Before reaching the "Obdacher Sattel" there is again a bikepath. One then reaches Zeltweg and the river Mur. Then follow the Mur to Knittelfeld, St. Michael, Leoben, Niklasdorf, Bruck a.d. Mur, Frohnleiten, Deutsch-Feistritz, Gratkorn and finally reach the city of Graz.
I stayed overnight in Toblach, Sachsenburg, Rosegg, St. Paul and Pernegg. I did 65 km the 1st day, then 117, 100, 98, 151 and 62 km the following days.

The best part of the trip is the section between Toblach and St. Paul. The section along the Mur is not so nice, because the bikepath is very often close to a motorway.

Here you can see my bicycle (Birdy) which I used for this trip:

Birdy at Drauradweg