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South of Bakersfield to Kern River Valley and Lake Isabella

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Story 1/11,Fri Sep 30 10:50:40 2005, after 0d 00:00:00 Lat:34.826145 Lon:-118.870911 Elevation:3673.2 ft
Heading out of the mountains down the Grapevine Highway.
Story 2/11,Fri Sep 30 10:59:27 2005, after 0d 00:08:47 Lat:34.948807 Lon:-118.933357 Elevation:1470.1 ft
Entering the Central Valley of California. There is a lot of agriculture here.
Story 3/11,Fri Sep 30 11:18:46 2005, after 0d 00:28:06 Lat:35.265167 Lon:-119.022385 Elevation:341.1 ft
Entering the outskirts of the city of Bakersfield, California
Story 4/11,Fri Sep 30 11:47:26 2005, after 0d 00:56:46 Lat:35.380955 Lon:-119.030083 Elevation:383.7 ft
Turning East to head to the mountains.
Story 5/11,Fri Sep 30 12:03:27 2005, after 0d 01:12:47 Lat:35.419300 Lon:-118.825806 Elevation:647 ft
Getting ready to enter the Kern River Valley.
Story 6/11,Fri Sep 30 12:19:35 2005, after 0d 01:28:55 Lat:35.490067 Lon:-118.711441 Elevation:1388.2 ft
Here we see the scenic Kern River. This river is a mecca for trout fisherman in Southern California.
Scenic Kern River
Story 7/11,Fri Sep 30 12:37:16 2005, after 0d 01:46:36 Lat:35.580219 Lon:-118.545609 Elevation:2368.8 ft
Another view of the Kern River and typical mountains of the area.
Kern River Valley
Story 8/11,Fri Sep 30 12:42:47 2005, after 0d 01:52:07 Lat:35.627483 Lon:-118.478180 Elevation:2471.6 ft
Coming up on Lake Isabella.
Story 9/11,Fri Sep 30 12:50:30 2005, after 0d 01:59:50 Lat:35.694630 Lon:-118.466751 Elevation:2871.5 ft
Will stop in Kernville at the Ranger Station for camping information.
Story 10/11,Fri Sep 30 13:14:37 2005, after 0d 02:23:57 Lat:35.754402 Lon:-118.426308 Elevation:2643.4 ft
Pretty cloud formation
Nice Clouds
Story 11/11,Fri Sep 30 13:57:18 2005, after 0d 03:06:38 Lat:35.928768 Lon:-118.490829 Elevation:3529.7 ft
This is where we camped for 2 days. If one drives a little further, you can eventually see Giant Sequoia pines.
Note the much younger species at the base of this tree trunk.
Giant Sequoia Tree Trunk