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last longer bike tour in 2005 before the winter

still before the snow :-)

created Sun Dec 18 21:46:32 2005
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Story 1/8,Fri Oct 14 09:32:32 2005, after 0d 00:28:25 Lat:46.731586 Lon:7.602065 Elevation:634 m
actually, I wanted to go around the other side of the lake of thun. I planned another route (susten, klausen, etc...). but it happened that I somehow missed TWO (!) exits on the highway.
so I ended up doing the other loooonger route...
Story 2/8,Fri Oct 14 11:00:55 2005, after 0d 01:56:48 Lat:46.314861 Lon:7.111648 Elevation:1625.9 m
Col de la Croix

the weather on the col de la croix was pretty good. ok, a little fresh...
Story 3/8,Fri Oct 14 13:28:33 2005, after 0d 04:24:26 Lat:45.728043 Lon:7.200331 Elevation:1554.7 m
Aosta Valley
Story 4/8,Fri Oct 14 13:45:51 2005, after 0d 04:41:44 Lat:45.712933 Lon:7.128783 Elevation:1157.4 m
this road that follows the aosta valley, but high above, is very beautiful.
Story 5/8,Fri Oct 14 14:35:17 2005, after 0d 05:31:10 Lat:45.675285 Lon:6.880010 Elevation:2222.3 m
little st. bernhard

the impressive house on the pass is well known for the bernhardiner. monks living up there also in winter time, used to search for missed people with the help of those huge but friendly dogs.
Story 6/8,Fri Oct 14 15:39:32 2005, after 0d 06:35:25 Lat:45.683594 Lon:6.610030 Elevation:1757.9 m
haute savoye

an artificial lake in the french alps
Story 7/8,Fri Oct 14 17:17:10 2005, after 0d 08:13:03 Lat:45.989700 Lon:6.470795 Elevation:1595.7 m
ready for the snow

somewhere that direction is switzerland
Story 8/8,Fri Oct 14 19:33:05 2005, after 0d 10:28:58 Lat:46.237179 Lon:6.928991 Elevation:742.3 m
I was so tired when I arrived in Switzerland again... it was also dark (I started too late in the morning). thus I decided to go back as fast as possible... highway...