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Bath House Row

Hot Springs National Park
A popular spa area in the 1920s.
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Story 1/9,Wed Jan 18 13:41:57 2006, after 0d 00:00:03 Lat:34.516064 Lon:-93.052910 Elevation:518.4 ft
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One of many springs. Total flow in the park is about 885,000 gallons per day at 143 degrees F. Scientists say it's 4000 year old rain water.
Story 3/9,Wed Jan 18 13:44:09 2006, after 0d 00:02:15 Lat:34.515121 Lon:-93.052864 Elevation:567.6 ft

The Grand Promenade above and behind Bath House Row.

Story 4/9,Wed Jan 18 13:45:57 2006, after 0d 00:04:03 Lat:34.514126 Lon:-93.052956 Elevation:567.6 ft

A few of the many capped springs in the park.
Story 5/9,Wed Jan 18 13:49:32 2006, after 0d 00:07:38 Lat:34.511745 Lon:-93.053230 Elevation:556.4 ft

One of the free hot spring water fill-up stations.
Story 6/9,Wed Jan 18 13:50:46 2006, after 0d 00:08:52 Lat:34.511932 Lon:-93.053909 Elevation:529.9 ft

Looking down the row of eight bath houses.
Story 7/9,Wed Jan 18 13:51:22 2006, after 0d 00:09:28 Lat:34.512356 Lon:-93.053932 Elevation:524.9 ft

The only bath house currently in operation on Bath House Row.
Story 8/9,Wed Jan 18 13:53:23 2006, after 0d 00:11:29 Lat:34.513668 Lon:-93.053764 Elevation:528.2 ft

The Fordyce Bath House restored inside to its 1920s condition.
Story 9/9,Wed Jan 18 13:56:23 2006, after 0d 00:14:29 Lat:34.515591 Lon:-93.053383 Elevation:522 ft

The Arlington Hotel, a fine old hotel at the end of Bath House Row.