Log ID:11743 "Mapkapuu Lighthouse hike"

Good Humpback Whale viewing point.

activity: walking   UNITED STATES Hawaii, last edit: Fri, 03/31/06 02:43:40
created:Fri Mar 23 05:58:16 2018, length:1.89 ml, distance:0.44 ml, Vø:1.85 mph, duration:0d 01:01:08
1/6   Fri Mar 3 02:31:12 2006 after 0d 00:03:10 Lat:21.304873 Lon:-157.654556 Elevation:110.8 ft

Turn right and follow paved path up the hill.

2/6   Fri Mar 3 02:47:36 2006 after 0d 00:19:34 Lat:21.301161 Lon:-157.651123 Elevation:380.5 ft

Great viewing point. We saw a mother and calf from this vantage point. They were spouting and splashing with their flukes.

3/6   Fri Mar 3 03:22:07 2006 after 0d 00:54:05 Lat:21.309292 Lon:-157.650681 Elevation:637.5 ft

Magnificent view of the ocean and a lighthouse.

4/6   Fri Mar 3 03:24:22 2006 after 0d 00:56:20 Lat:21.309099 Lon:-157.651016 Elevation:634.4 ft

Magnificent view Makapuu Beach, Rabbit Island and the Windward Coast of Oahu.

5/6   Fri Mar 3 03:27:15 2006 after 0d 00:59:13 Lat:21.308777 Lon:-157.651627 Elevation:598.1 ft

There are lots of WWII bunkers in this area. Take some time to explore the area.

6/6   Fri Mar 3 03:58:38 2006 after 0d 01:30:36 Lat:21.305065 Lon:-157.656937 Elevation:139.2 ft

Park off highway and find dirt road near gate.

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