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Tour du Mont de Lieuche

Short Hike
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Story 1/9,Mon May 1 12:52:08 2006, after 0d 00:09:24 Lat:44.031357 Lon:7.035692 Elevation:1081.1 m
All ready for action
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Story 2/9,Mon May 1 12:55:35 2006, after 0d 00:12:51 Lat:44.031700 Lon:7.038009 Elevation:1083.1 m
The village
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Story 3/9,Mon May 1 13:02:23 2006, after 0d 00:19:39 Lat:44.032173 Lon:7.042623 Elevation:1139.8 m

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Story 4/9,Mon May 1 13:16:43 2006, after 0d 00:33:59 Lat:44.031570 Lon:7.048588 Elevation:1182.1 m
Looking back at the village, really nice day for a hike
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Story 5/9,Mon May 1 13:45:23 2006, after 0d 01:02:39 Lat:44.028095 Lon:7.062600 Elevation:1345 m
In the forest on the ascent
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Story 6/9,Mon May 1 14:05:12 2006, after 0d 01:22:28 Lat:44.025284 Lon:7.068114 Elevation:1430.6 m
Food at the top...
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Story 7/9,Mon May 1 14:47:49 2006, after 0d 02:05:05 Lat:44.017387 Lon:7.058651 Elevation:1447.4 m
The chapel at the highest point
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Story 8/9,Mon May 1 15:09:56 2006, after 0d 02:27:12 Lat:44.008526 Lon:7.051034 Elevation:1281.6 m
Nice view on the descent, battery on the camera is starting to die .. doh!
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Story 9/9,Mon May 1 16:17:27 2006, after 0d 03:34:43 Lat:44.012024 Lon:7.024727 Elevation:1182.1 m
The home straight, weather was getting overcast, potential for rain soon
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