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Cime Des Collettes

Short Hike 1hr from Nice
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Story 1/7,Sun Apr 30 12:47:09 2006, after 0d 00:00:42 Lat:43.901581 Lon:7.112403 Elevation:992.7 m
Start in Toudon, about 1hr20 from Nice
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Story 2/7,Sun Apr 30 13:01:34 2006, after 0d 00:15:07 Lat:43.903061 Lon:7.109356 Elevation:1074.9 m
A look back down the valley
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Story 3/7,Sun Apr 30 13:09:50 2006, after 0d 00:23:23 Lat:43.904778 Lon:7.109764 Elevation:1147 m
Weather is getting poor, cloud level is about 1200 and light rain at the top
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Story 4/7,Sun Apr 30 14:23:30 2006, after 0d 01:37:03 Lat:43.910210 Lon:7.088735 Elevation:1322 m
Still poor weather at the junction
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Story 5/7,Sun Apr 30 14:29:13 2006, after 0d 01:42:46 Lat:43.908962 Lon:7.087469 Elevation:1284 m
Still poor weather at the junction
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Story 6/7,Sun Apr 30 14:44:36 2006, after 0d 01:58:09 Lat:43.905422 Lon:7.090945 Elevation:1214.8 m

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Story 7/7,Sun Apr 30 15:08:43 2006, after 0d 02:22:16 Lat:43.902485 Lon:7.100687 Elevation:1152.8 m
Nice look back at the town
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