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Mountain Biking in Wisconsin

Single track mountain bike riding
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Story 1/11,Sun Jun 11 17:05:06 2006, after 0d 00:00:00 Lat:45.149143 Lon:-88.693298 Elevation:1034.1 ft
Base Camp -- Leaving the relative safety of our temporary home. The plan: Journey into unfamiliar territory. Explore thick, Lush forestry. We venture into Nicolet National forest for a bit of single track mountain bike adventure. The year before we rode this same trail system with a so-called guide. We were lost for over 5 hours. This year we chose to embark on our own. Trusty compass and gps system on hand (how do you think I was able to post this route).
Story 2/11,Sun Jun 11 17:14:58 2006, after 0d 00:09:52 Lat:45.153774 Lon:-88.680199 Elevation:1103.3 ft
We hit open praireland. Looks like the locals use this spot to hunt deer and feathered creatures.
Story 3/11,Sun Jun 11 17:20:27 2006, after 0d 00:15:21 Lat:45.159103 Lon:-88.673187 Elevation:1139.4 ft
Trail alternates from single track to logging road. Not much further until hit pure single track bliss.
Story 4/11,Sun Jun 11 17:25:20 2006, after 0d 00:20:14 Lat:45.165318 Lon:-88.677818 Elevation:1112.5 ft
Pure single track bliss!!!!!
Story 5/11,Sun Jun 11 17:33:17 2006, after 0d 00:28:11 Lat:45.171349 Lon:-88.673752 Elevation:1175.5 ft
Here we venture down a feeder trail. We run into this crazy looking old man. He talked about fishing and bears. It's time to turn around and leave this gentleman to his thoughts.
Story 6/11,Sun Jun 11 17:47:09 2006, after 0d 00:42:03 Lat:45.165565 Lon:-88.665665 Elevation:1101.7 ft
bear scat !!!! (make loud noises)
Story 7/11,Sun Jun 11 18:16:21 2006, after 0d 01:11:15 Lat:45.161732 Lon:-88.652100 Elevation:1133.2 ft
Josh, Dale -- ride Faster!!!!!
Story 8/11,Sun Jun 11 18:28:20 2006, after 0d 01:23:14 Lat:45.158443 Lon:-88.662331 Elevation:1150.3 ft
Anybody ready for a nap yet???
Story 9/11,Sun Jun 11 18:48:11 2006, after 0d 01:43:05 Lat:45.163391 Lon:-88.677086 Elevation:1187.7 ft
Hey-- I recognize this place.
Story 10/11,Sun Jun 11 18:56:13 2006, after 0d 01:51:07 Lat:45.153572 Lon:-88.680557 Elevation:1135.5 ft
Man does my body aches -- I'm ready for a few asprin and a hot shower.
Story 11/11,Sun Jun 11 19:02:29 2006, after 0d 01:57:23 Lat:45.149311 Lon:-88.692429 Elevation:1164 ft
Home at last. It's time to drink a beer(or 2) sit around the fire and reminiscence about how awesome, technical and stunning the trail system is. Thank you for the fantastic adventure. Can't wait to ride it again.