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Tilff-Bastogne-Tilff 27.05.07

Amateur version of the spring classic in the Ardennes. 237km, 3700m Altitude. Riders: Kevin, Ralf, Frank, Valentijn, Johan and Arno. Around Remouchamps log was corrected because of GPS probs.
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Story 1/20,Sun May 27 05:57:53 2007, after 0d 00:21:27 Lat:50.520664 Lon:5.564139 Elevation:96.7 m
After only 7 km valentijn busts a tire!
Story 2/20,Sun May 27 06:31:25 2007, after 0d 00:54:59 Lat:50.473217 Lon:5.599918 Elevation:199.1 m
First steep climb. It never stops and is really steep for this early time of day.
Story 3/20,Sun May 27 07:21:02 2007, after 0d 01:44:36 Lat:50.389118 Lon:5.682554 Elevation:416.2 m
Now it starts raining hard.
Story 4/20,Sun May 27 07:55:54 2007, after 0d 02:19:28 Lat:50.285496 Lon:5.682100 Elevation:472.8 m
Official replenishing stop in Manhay. The rain is pooring now. We get on quickly to stay warm.
Story 5/20,Sun May 27 08:29:26 2007, after 0d 02:53:00 Lat:50.225895 Lon:5.682454 Elevation:602.9 m
After endless climbing (must have been 30 kms or so), finally some easy rolling towards Bastogne.
Story 6/20,Sun May 27 09:31:08 2007, after 0d 03:54:42 Lat:50.047539 Lon:5.687316 Elevation:433.7 m
Those nasty kids in Longchamps put nails on the street! 20 Riders changing tires, 4 of our guys included!
Story 7/20,Sun May 27 09:51:15 2007, after 0d 04:14:49 Lat:50.030254 Lon:5.698414 Elevation:460.8 m
Thanks to our the delay in Longchamps, we meet up with the girls entering Bastogne.
Story 8/20,Sun May 27 10:39:32 2007, after 0d 05:03:06 Lat:50.005722 Lon:5.724711 Elevation:496.1 m
Official replenishing stop. We buy some new tires from the father of those kids in Longchamps.
Story 9/20,Sun May 27 11:10:22 2007, after 0d 05:33:56 Lat:50.038551 Lon:5.802312 Elevation:514.3 m
Most boring countryside in all Belgium. We find a spot out of the wind and hope it passes quickly (it doesn't).
Story 10/20,Sun May 27 11:55:58 2007, after 0d 06:19:32 Lat:50.176952 Lon:5.858826 Elevation:404.4 m
After 5 hours of more or less continuous rain, the rain stops.
Story 11/20,Sun May 27 12:30:50 2007, after 0d 06:54:24 Lat:50.213768 Lon:5.987668 Elevation:493.1 m
We meet up with the girls at a biker bar. Party from last night still roaring inside. Frank has stomach cramps, but soldiers on.
Story 12/20,Sun May 27 13:48:38 2007, after 0d 08:12:12 Lat:50.314487 Lon:5.960457 Elevation:522.3 m
Nobody mentions Beho.
Story 13/20,Sun May 27 14:19:28 2007, after 0d 08:43:02 Lat:50.343933 Lon:5.922079 Elevation:428.9 m
Finally the Church at Wanne. A guy forgets to shift and eats some asphalt. Not us. We know that when the church comes, you downshift :)
Story 14/20,Sun May 27 14:48:59 2007, after 0d 09:12:33 Lat:50.394173 Lon:5.930507 Elevation:291.1 m
Stop at Stavelot. Girls are running late again. Ralf meets his parents.
Story 15/20,Sun May 27 15:42:38 2007, after 0d 10:06:12 Lat:50.408363 Lon:5.941202 Elevation:388.3 m
Really nasty climb with those cold legs out of Stavelot. Arno walks, first-timer Johan pedals all the way up!
Story 16/20,Sun May 27 16:18:50 2007, after 0d 10:42:24 Lat:50.438255 Lon:5.892812 Elevation:432.1 m
Another tough one. Everybody has had enough for today by now...
Story 17/20,Sun May 27 17:13:49 2007, after 0d 11:37:23 Lat:50.390038 Lon:5.772307 Elevation:331 m
From here we find a spot out of the wind, and try to quickly do some milage on our way to Remouchamps.
GPS problems.
Story 18/20,Sun May 27 18:00:46 2007, after 0d 12:24:20 Lat:50.472664 Lon:5.717672 Elevation:194.5 m
The infamous Redoute. Warm welcome on top, nothing will stop us now....
GPS problems.
Story 19/20,Sun May 27 18:43:41 2007, after 0d 13:07:15 Lat:50.492310 Lon:5.699619 Elevation:341.4 m
Downhill and flat sections towards Tilff. Easy last few kms.
GPS problems.
Story 20/20,Sun May 27 19:15:52 2007, after 0d 13:39:26 Lat:50.546848 Lon:5.593134 Elevation:150.1 m
Glorious finish in Tilff. Belgian fries, a t-shirt, it wasn't that bad after all.