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Vercors - Balcon Est

Villard de Lans (30 km SW from Grenoble) - cabane Roybon - Col Vert - Balcon - peak Cornafion - Balcon (again) - Col d'Arc - Allieres - Lans en Vercors
Saturday, June 10th, 2007
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Story 1/9,Sat Jun 9 08:52:33 2007, after 0d 00:01:01 Lat:45.130726 Lon:5.581870 Elevation:989.3 m
Lans en Vercors, the end and the way back to Grenoble by the returning bus.
Story 2/9,Sat Jun 9 09:11:50 2007, after 0d 00:20:18 Lat:45.072727 Lon:5.552729 Elevation:1002.8 m
The start of the trip, after going down from the bus: Villard de Lans.
Story 3/9,Sat Jun 9 10:40:33 2007, after 0d 01:49:01 Lat:45.053051 Lon:5.586778 Elevation:1454.2 m
Cabane Roybon
Story 4/9,Sat Jun 9 11:23:37 2007, after 0d 02:32:05 Lat:45.052780 Lon:5.597190 Elevation:1757.7 m
Col Vert - very nice rocks!
Story 5/9,Sat Jun 9 11:59:03 2007, after 0d 03:07:31 Lat:45.054134 Lon:5.597678 Elevation:1787.2 m
The last part of Balcon Est de Vercors started here
Story 6/9,Sat Jun 9 13:33:18 2007, after 0d 04:41:46 Lat:45.062984 Lon:5.601096 Elevation:2024.2 m
Cornafion rocky peak (2047m). The final part was quite difficult to descend (very abrupt). There is no way of reaching the peak. I wouldn't do this other time. That was rock climbing.
Story 7/9,Sat Jun 9 15:44:57 2007, after 0d 06:53:25 Lat:45.082825 Lon:5.613306 Elevation:1748.8 m
Col de l'Arc
Story 8/9,Sat Jun 9 16:38:07 2007, after 0d 07:46:35 Lat:45.094151 Lon:5.601978 Elevation:1461.6 m
Les Allieres
Story 9/9,Sat Jun 9 17:06:07 2007, after 0d 08:14:35 Lat:45.106880 Lon:5.603722 Elevation:1291.1 m