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Download data for loxtrax


  Download the ZIPed files ›now

The .zip file contains all three files:
  • map
  • points of interest (POIs)
  • track (LOI, Line Of Interest)
in a single sub-folder. The POIs are the positions where the corresponding magnalog has stories.
Not all magnalogs published have maps or POIs.
Open the data on the PDA using loxtrax:
  • Extract the sub-folder with all files into a new sub-folder under "My Documents" on you PDA.
  • Let ActiveSync on you PC do that or use a unzip-utility to do the unzipping directly on the PDA.
  • Then start loxtrax and open the files with loxtrax using the following menu functions:
    • Map file (.png): "Settings", "Background Map", "On"
    • POI (Points Of Interest) file(.txt): "Extras", "POIs", "Read From File"
    • Track (LOI, Line Of Interest) file(.gpx): "Extras", "LOI", "Read From File"
All files are optional. You can also load only the map without the POIs or LOIs.
As usual, keep in mind that the downloaded data can be wrong or inaccurate.

loxtrax is a free general purpose GPS application for PocketPCs that can read maps, tracks and "Points Of Interest" from magnalox.