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Pico Whalewatching, sort of ;)

First attempt to see some whales or dolphins around Pico, the Acores island.

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Story 1/9: Fri Aug 12 09:09:41 2005, after 0d 00:00:00, Lat:38.534561 Lon:-28.529423 Elevation:61.9 m
Start at Madalena harbour on Pico island.
We had to pick up two more passengers from the island nearby.
Story 2/9: Fri Aug 12 09:24:24 2005, after 0d 00:14:43, Lat:38.530079 Lon:-28.626217 Elevation:59.6 m
We picked them up at the harbour.
Story 3/9: Fri Aug 12 09:29:24 2005, after 0d 00:19:43, Lat:38.534107 Lon:-28.621113 Elevation:59 m
Now heading towards the whales, which were already spotted by people located on the island.
Our boat had radio to contact them.
Story 4/9: Fri Aug 12 09:43:40 2005, after 0d 00:33:59, Lat:38.464558 Lon:-28.540075 Elevation:56.9 m
The (220 hp) engine started to produce grinding noises and was soon stopped.
Story 5/9: Fri Aug 12 09:46:41 2005, after 0d 00:37:00, Lat:38.464165 Lon:-28.538794 Elevation:58.3 m
...an attempt to restart it...
Story 6/9: Fri Aug 12 09:48:13 2005, after 0d 00:38:32, Lat:38.464169 Lon:-28.538074 Elevation:60.3 m
...and giving up, gearbox probably.

The skipper called for help via radio.
So we had to wait and float a while.
Story 7/9: Fri Aug 12 10:19:23 2005, after 0d 01:09:42, Lat:38.468987 Lon:-28.539392 Elevation:57.3 m
A small fisherboat showed up and towed us back home.
Story 8/9: Fri Aug 12 10:50:44 2005, after 0d 01:41:03, Lat:38.517620 Lon:-28.542496 Elevation:58.3 m
Beeing exposed to the sun, the boat constantly rolling and the emissions from the diesel towing us, I felt like I had to feed the fish somewhere here ;)
Story 9/9: Fri Aug 12 11:04:07 2005, after 0d 01:54:26, Lat:38.535458 Lon:-28.531862 Elevation:60.2 m
Back home.
The organistor assured us, that this was happening only very rarely and the equipment was not older than two months.
Well, shit happens.
We had another (free) attempt in the afternoon, which was as expected.
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