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A-Nother Hidden Pond cache search

This was a search for a cache that took us past some tarps that sheltered farm workers. The stench of human feces was very strong in the area at the southernmost section of the track.

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Story 1/11: Wed Aug 24 04:03:56 2005, after 0d 00:04:40, Lat:32.959061 Lon:-117.168907 Elevation:98.3 m
At this point, we had two choices. The arrows on our GPSr were not decisive, so we chose to head south on the very wide trail that followed some power lines in the area.
Story 2/11: Wed Aug 24 04:10:00 2005, after 0d 00:10:44, Lat:32.957024 Lon:-117.169151 Elevation:90.5 m
Here it was obvious we needed to turn onto another wide two-track trail that headed in the direction of the cache.
Story 3/11: Wed Aug 24 04:12:49 2005, after 0d 00:13:33, Lat:32.956924 Lon:-117.170464 Elevation:85.7 m
Right about here, the trail got very, very steep. The soil was soft and powdery and the descent looked treacherous. We realized we had taken the wrong trail because the cache owner stated that the route to the cache was easy and even good for children. We were glad we had our walking sticks to help us down the hill.
Story 4/11: Wed Aug 24 04:18:49 2005, after 0d 00:19:33, Lat:32.956867 Lon:-117.171997 Elevation:86.4 m
Along here we could see the farm laborers tarps and "dwellings." I wasn't worried about them, even if they were home. I had just heard how these people, often illegal aliens, are more often the victims of crime as opposed to the perpetrators.
Story 5/11: Wed Aug 24 04:19:37 2005, after 0d 00:20:21, Lat:32.956821 Lon:-117.172546 Elevation:84 m
It was about this point that the smell of human feces became very evident. It is so sad to think that these people are forced to live lie this with no water and no sanitation.
Story 6/11: Wed Aug 24 04:23:56 2005, after 0d 00:24:40, Lat:32.956814 Lon:-117.174088 Elevation:75.2 m
Right about here we saw a couple of the workers, one with his bicycle. They hardly looked at us as we walked by and said "Hola."
Story 7/11: Wed Aug 24 04:25:41 2005, after 0d 00:26:25, Lat:32.957577 Lon:-117.174171 Elevation:89.7 m
This is where the cache was supposed to be. We looked for a long time, but didn't have any luck. Except for the stuff we found, including a couple of glass containers and quite a few bottles that I can take to the recycling machine.
Story 8/11: Wed Aug 24 04:40:03 2005, after 0d 00:40:47, Lat:32.958656 Lon:-117.173920 Elevation:95.8 m
At this point, we saw four of the workers walking single-file towards us. There were very small men who probably were from Guatemala or El Salvador or central Mexico. They were very shy and hardly responded to us when we said "Hola."
Story 9/11: Wed Aug 24 04:42:20 2005, after 0d 00:43:04, Lat:32.958893 Lon:-117.172485 Elevation:97.9 m
Along here we got up high enough that we could see the farm off in the distance less than half a mile away. I was angry to think that this farmer hires these people to work the land but is not required to provide them with housing or sanitation. Very, very sad and maddening.
Story 10/11: Wed Aug 24 04:45:04 2005, after 0d 00:45:48, Lat:32.959686 Lon:-117.171097 Elevation:92.7 m
Along the route here we stopped and picked up several plastic and glass bottles to take to the reclycling center. So we did our part CITOing the area as well as we could with the few plastic bags we found to put all the bottles in.
Story 11/11: Wed Aug 24 04:54:34 2005, after 0d 00:55:18, Lat:32.958942 Lon:-117.168800 Elevation:99.7 m
We made another little side trip to pick up even more bottles and cans we found against the barrier between the fancy houses in the neighborhood and the open space.