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North Fork and Middle Fork of Swan River, Webster Pass, Radical Jeep Hill. Summit County, Colorado, USA.

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Story 1/7: Sat Sep 17 00:17:02 2005, after 0d 00:16:32, Lat:39.505203 Lon:-105.818466 Elevation:10375.3 ft
This is where I lost control of the ATV. I bailed off in 5th gear and it went into a bunch of trees.
Story 2/7: Sat Sep 17 00:23:39 2005, after 0d 00:23:09, Lat:39.523918 Lon:-105.836555 Elevation:11172.9 ft
Webster Pass.
Story 3/7: Sat Sep 17 00:37:30 2005, after 0d 00:37:00, Lat:39.534595 Lon:-105.853882 Elevation:11937.8 ft
Radical Jeep Hill.photo20050901185541
Story 4/7: Sat Sep 17 00:54:57 2005, after 0d 00:54:27, Lat:39.504776 Lon:-105.855019 Elevation:12788 ft
This is where my neighbor, Mike Lane, died five years ago in a tragic Jeep accident. The trail does appear to cross the continental divide, although it narrows significantly, and enters a series of extremely difficult switchbacks. Mike reportedly when down here, but then rolled the Jeep sideways when he tried to climb back up. It's actually not surprising, and the switchbacks are so poorly fashioned that it would be nearly impossible to get up them without getting your jeep sideways to the slope of the hill, at which point it gets very tippy. RIP Mike.
Story 5/7: Sat Sep 17 01:16:18 2005, after 0d 01:15:48, Lat:39.514256 Lon:-105.903587 Elevation:11778.5 ft
North Fork of the Swan River.
Story 6/7: Sat Sep 17 01:36:52 2005, after 0d 01:36:22, Lat:39.513187 Lon:-105.946953 Elevation:9899 ft
Middle Fork of the Swan River.
Story 7/7: Sat Sep 17 02:18:41 2005, after 0d 02:18:11, Lat:39.535862 Lon:-105.857086 Elevation:12562.4 ft
Radical Jeep Hill.