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Flight from Sanford, North Carolina to St. Mary's Airport at Leonardtown, Maryland in a Cessna 182.

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Story 1/10: Fri Oct 7 14:31:39 2005, after 0d 00:00:00, Lat:35.576553 Lon:-79.107399 Elevation:333.2 ft
First we move the plane out to the runway from the hangar.
Story 2/10: Fri Oct 7 14:39:06 2005, after 0d 00:07:27, Lat:35.591057 Lon:-79.098579 Elevation:233.2 ft
Now we stopped near the runway to do a engine run-up, check the magnetos, etc. Then I called Air Traffice Control (ATC) to get an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) clearance since the skies were overcast with low-hanging clouds.
Story 3/10: Fri Oct 7 14:48:14 2005, after 0d 00:16:35, Lat:35.591034 Lon:-79.098404 Elevation:227.5 ft
We have our clearance, so we move onto the runway and takeoff. We were cleared first to 4000 feet, and then our assigned altitude of 7000 feet.
Story 4/10: Fri Oct 7 14:59:50 2005, after 0d 00:28:11, Lat:35.651497 Lon:-78.803909 Elevation:7362.7 ft
Here we leveled off, so you can see our speed increased.
Story 5/10: Fri Oct 7 15:09:23 2005, after 0d 00:37:44, Lat:35.943462 Lon:-78.459824 Elevation:7274.7 ft
We had a bit of a tailwind. Our normal cruising speed is about 140 knots.
Story 6/10: Fri Oct 7 16:02:53 2005, after 0d 01:31:14, Lat:37.992729 Lon:-76.815811 Elevation:7242.8 ft
At this point I called ATC to get routed for an IFR approach, we made a course change and began descending.
Story 7/10: Fri Oct 7 16:08:28 2005, after 0d 01:36:49, Lat:38.262791 Lon:-76.801239 Elevation:4035.7 ft
Here I started slowing down to make the sharp turn to line up with the runway.
Story 8/10: Fri Oct 7 16:11:48 2005, after 0d 01:40:09, Lat:38.357876 Lon:-76.723152 Elevation:1790.7 ft
We had to level off briefly according to this approach to maintain a set altitude. Since we were still in the clouds at this point, we don't want to hit anything.
Story 9/10: Fri Oct 7 16:18:13 2005, after 0d 01:46:34, Lat:38.315102 Lon:-76.548576 Elevation:142 ft
Here is when we land and begin slowing down to taxi for the parking area.
Story 10/10: Fri Oct 7 16:20:43 2005, after 0d 01:49:04, Lat:38.313988 Lon:-76.550056 Elevation:126.6 ft
Finally, we stop just in front of our parking spot (the plane doesn't back up). I turn off the GPS at this point.