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Google Earth - trip replay example

This magnalog demonstrates how the virtual viewer in Google Earth can be controlled from a magnalog. Not only the position, but also the view direction was defined in this magnalog's stories. Just select in GE the "Descriptions, images and links"-folder and klick the play button in the places-pane.

The identical data can be displayed as an animated webpage ("magnalog"), overlayed on Google Maps (click the blue/red icon in the menubar), as a Google Earth .kmz-file (click the globe in the

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X Current position
Story 1/8: Fri Aug 19 13:17:36 2005, after 0d 00:00:00, Lat:38.529011 Lon:-28.626095 Elevation:69.6 m

Starting in Horta

To play this tour automatically, click in Google Earth on the subfolder "Descriptions, images and links" and press F10 to start it. It will then take You from Placemark to Placemark and point the virtual viewer to the right direction. To display annotations and images, klick on the caption of the placemark.

The speed can be set in Google Earth's "Tools" -> "Options" dialog, "Control" tab.
F11 toggles Google Earth in Fullscreen mode.

An older magnalog without this feature but with more (mostly german) texts is can be found ›here.
Story 2/8: Fri Aug 19 13:37:24 2005, after 0d 00:19:48, Lat:38.548031 Lon:-28.616318 Elevation:219.4 m
external image:image
The Pico
Great view from here to Pico (2351 m 7,713 feet), the volcano on the island nearby. Pico is Portugal's highest mountain.
Pico on »Wikipedia
Story 3/8: Fri Aug 19 13:37:36 2005, after 0d 00:20:00, Lat:38.548401 Lon:-28.617373 Elevation:218.3 m
Look back to Fajal's volcano.
Story 4/8: Fri Aug 19 14:01:35 2005, after 0d 00:43:59, Lat:38.580448 Lon:-28.706297 Elevation:963.8 m

At the caldera

external image:click for a full display
panorama at the lookout point
Impressive panorama at the lookout point. Note the little sub-volcano at the crater floor. People hiking at the floor level were to far away to be spotted from this point.
Story 5/8: Fri Aug 19 14:42:34 2005, after 0d 01:24:58, Lat:38.613232 Lon:-28.698341 Elevation:517.3 m
external image:image
too far to swim
The island of São Jorge at the horizion
Story 6/8: Fri Aug 19 15:09:02 2005, after 0d 01:51:26, Lat:38.599308 Lon:-28.761173 Elevation:318.5 m
The coffee here was not a totally convincing experience, but anyway...
At least the explanation for the pause.
Story 7/8: Fri Aug 19 15:51:10 2005, after 0d 02:33:34, Lat:38.596874 Lon:-28.825483 Elevation:126.1 m

Vulcão dos Capelinhos

external image:tiptext

New land formed by a vulcano which appeared 1957. Black desert everywhere, but gras and little bushes are slowly coming back.
Story 8/8: Fri Aug 19 16:47:13 2005, after 0d 03:29:37, Lat:38.528023 Lon:-28.627176 Elevation:76.1 m

Back again in Horta