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Finding a Treasure Trove

A hike of nearly four miles down into the Horsethief Canyon Wilderness Area to find an amazing treasure chest full of coins and jewelry.

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Story 1/10: Thu Feb 9 19:35:02 2006, after 0d 00:00:00, Lat:32.746826 Lon:-116.668678 Elevation:2296.5 ft
This is the now-familiar staging area where I have parked my car for several recent adventures in the other direction.
Story 2/10: Thu Feb 9 19:38:13 2006, after 0d 00:03:11, Lat:32.746857 Lon:-116.666748 Elevation:2460.5 ft
I have always hiked down a different trail around the corner from here, but today I noticed a trail marker and since it looked like I could get to the cache from here, I started down the narrow trail.
Story 3/10: Thu Feb 9 19:51:19 2006, after 0d 00:16:17, Lat:32.745274 Lon:-116.659218 Elevation:2212.9 ft
I saw mountain lion tracks in the mud in several places along the trail.
Story 4/10: Thu Feb 9 20:01:55 2006, after 0d 00:26:53, Lat:32.744717 Lon:-116.652153 Elevation:1992.2 ft
By the time I got down this far, I could hear the creek rushing with lots of water from recent rains.
Story 5/10: Thu Feb 9 20:11:07 2006, after 0d 00:36:05, Lat:32.749413 Lon:-116.650101 Elevation:1962.2 ft
I had to circle the cache location to figure out the best way to get through the tangle of vegetation.
Story 6/10: Thu Feb 9 20:45:35 2006, after 0d 01:10:33, Lat:32.753902 Lon:-116.649536 Elevation:2003.2 ft
I followed the creek trying to find a good vantage place to take a picture of the rushing water.
Story 7/10: Thu Feb 9 21:13:38 2006, after 0d 01:38:36, Lat:32.753925 Lon:-116.663216 Elevation:2078.9 ft
A tree blocked my view of the trail so I ended up here wondering where I made a wrong turn.
Story 8/10: Thu Feb 9 21:26:53 2006, after 0d 01:51:51, Lat:32.748459 Lon:-116.665825 Elevation:2328.1 ft
I saw some other hikers here and we stopped and talked about Geocaching for quite a long time.
Story 9/10: Thu Feb 9 21:53:41 2006, after 0d 02:18:39, Lat:32.747826 Lon:-116.665787 Elevation:2394.3 ft
The trail was in much better shape than it was last year when I hiked down to find "That Man Stole My Horse," a Night Hunter cache.
Story 10/10: Thu Feb 9 21:59:01 2006, after 0d 02:23:59, Lat:32.746792 Lon:-116.668457 Elevation:2484.2 ft
Almost exactly four miles and a descent and climb of about 750 feet. I wasn't gone nearly long enough. If the hike had been on the Gaskill Peak ridge, I would have taken a lot more pictures of the incredible views today.