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200km Brevet, Osaka, Japan

First brevet complete in Japan. 200km ride. Here's the stats:

Date: March 5, 2006
Rider: Me
Ride Name: BRM305, Ajinki
Location: Osaka (Sakai), Japan
Group or solo: Group
Ride [total] time: 10hr 20min
Avg Speed: 20kph
Ride [on bicycle] time: 8:27:34
Moving Avg Speed: 24.5 kph
Ride Distance: 207.4km
Total Ascent: 1613m
Cycle: Roubaix

The first and last 50km were both through city streets with a lot of traffic lights. First 50km took 2:45 on its own. Last 50k took 2:30.

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