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Nordic skiing in Saariselkä, Lappland

A whole day skiing around Saariselka in the finnish Lappland on a cold, sunny day.

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Story 1/18: Tue Mar 7 08:29:41 2006, after 0d 00:00:33, Lat:68.422218 Lon:27.419048 Elevation:311.1 m
I was one week in Saariselkä, Lappland. I wanted to ski - just ski and go to sauna afterwards. This magnalog is from the last day, when I did the longest of my daytrips.

I woke up early and was sooner ready to go as anticipated. So, off we go, along Luppojoki towards Palovaara.
Story 2/18: Tue Mar 7 08:51:56 2006, after 0d 00:22:48, Lat:68.433723 Lon:27.493225 Elevation:259.7 m
It was still cold. The whole week it had been pretty chilly, between -10 and -18 Celcius when I was skiing, but this morning was still colder: as I glanced at my thermometer, it showed -24 Celcius!
Story 3/18: Tue Mar 7 09:33:18 2006, after 0d 01:04:10, Lat:68.459251 Lon:27.534069 Elevation:427.6 m
About here I was on top of Palopää. The next two kilometers would be downhill - meaning cold wind at about -20 Celcius!

external image:A view from Palopää to Kaunispää
Story 4/18: Tue Mar 7 09:45:38 2006, after 0d 01:16:30, Lat:68.470772 Lon:27.580959 Elevation:267.7 m
Kuukkelilampi hut wasn't open yet - I was here 20 Minutes too early - so I continued skiing towards Lutto.
Story 5/18: Tue Mar 7 10:22:38 2006, after 0d 01:53:30, Lat:68.433128 Lon:27.568558 Elevation:245.9 m
I met some reindeers just before the Lutto hut.

external image:I met some reindeers just before the Lutto hut
Story 6/18: Tue Mar 7 10:31:22 2006, after 0d 02:02:14, Lat:68.427269 Lon:27.568933 Elevation:254 m
I had my break in the Vellinsärpimänoja hut. Luckily I wasn't the first one there that day, and the oven was hot already.
Story 7/18: Tue Mar 7 12:18:47 2006, after 0d 03:49:39, Lat:68.353752 Lon:27.554855 Elevation:307.9 m
Story 8/18: Tue Mar 7 12:27:55 2006, after 0d 03:58:47, Lat:68.353722 Lon:27.554960 Elevation:307.4 m
The second break of the day: the Luulampi hut. I had been here already two times before; the day before on the way to Rautulampi. Next I would climb beside Kiilopää to Tunturikeskus Kiilopää.

external image:Here\'s the Luulampi hut where I had a hot drink
Story 9/18: Tue Mar 7 13:10:44 2006, after 0d 04:41:36, Lat:68.344124 Lon:27.520224 Elevation:436.2 m
There was thick frost on the posts along the skiing track.

external image:Frost on the posts
Story 10/18: Tue Mar 7 13:29:54 2006, after 0d 05:00:46, Lat:68.346405 Lon:27.462439 Elevation:335.1 m
Tunturikeskus Kiilopää achieved. A hot drink again, as well as something to eat. Assessing how much I would still like to ski today. The day was young, and I wasn't that tired, so I headed to Muotkan maja.

external image:Ice sculptures at Tunturikeskus Kiilopää.
Story 11/18: Tue Mar 7 14:33:03 2006, after 0d 06:03:55, Lat:68.327538 Lon:27.383137 Elevation:283.5 m
Muotkan maja. This leg wasn't long, but still I needed to drink and eat. Now I should take the direction back to Saariselkä!
Story 12/18: Tue Mar 7 15:35:28 2006, after 0d 07:06:20, Lat:68.375969 Lon:27.411385 Elevation:315.1 m
The last decision: should I take the shortest route via Laanila, or would I have the strength to ski over to Rumakuru track? Yes I did, so I turned right.
Story 13/18: Tue Mar 7 15:49:15 2006, after 0d 07:20:07, Lat:68.368370 Lon:27.443745 Elevation:338.9 m
It was getting cloudy.
Story 14/18: Tue Mar 7 16:04:30 2006, after 0d 07:35:22, Lat:68.380905 Lon:27.472324 Elevation:348.5 m
And now it started to snow.
Story 15/18: Tue Mar 7 16:20:28 2006, after 0d 07:51:20, Lat:68.396759 Lon:27.467882 Elevation:327.7 m
I could ski astoundedly fast - perhaps I got more push from the idea that I would made over 60km in one day!
Story 16/18: Tue Mar 7 16:27:25 2006, after 0d 07:58:17, Lat:68.404732 Lon:27.445751 Elevation:300 m
I could ski astoundedly fast - perhaps I got more push from the idea that I would make over 60km in one day!
Story 17/18: Tue Mar 7 16:45:08 2006, after 0d 08:16:00, Lat:68.421684 Lon:27.431648 Elevation:286.7 m
Almost there. But the 60 km weren't quite full yet. I needed to make an extra loop of 700m around the houses.

external image:The end of the track in Saariselkä
Story 18/18: Tue Mar 7 16:54:37 2006, after 0d 08:25:29, Lat:68.421150 Lon:27.411831 Elevation:307.8 m
There. I had made it! The sauna was calling...

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