"Ballooning" Theme Example

magnalog 11920

Example for a magnalog using the "ballooning"-style.
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X Current position
Story 1/1: Sun Dec 12 12:41:36 2004, after 0d 00:00:00, Lat:48.707798 Lon:8.430940 Elevation:935.6 m

Themed Magnalog Example

This magnalog has no other purpose than showing some of the opportunities for payed user accounts on magnalox.
To use this feature just upgrade Your free account to a payed account using the "order webspace" function.
The shadow visualizes the elevation of the track. A close shadow means little elevation.

For details concerning payed webspace, look »here.
The original, fully commented magnalog about a walk at the "Wildsee" can be found ›here.
Click on the crosshair for links and informations related to the current location.