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June Century, Shimanami, v2.0

Ueki-san's Sport Cycle club ride went today. Chris and I started at Onomichi and took the long way around. The Magnalox is the 166km route we took.

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Story 1/10: Sun Jun 11 07:42:31 2006, after 0d 00:44:34, Lat:34.311104 Lon:133.205322 Elevation:84.1 m
This climb is something else. After doing three rolling hills which are reasonably difficult, you have to attack the third hill which is 10+% grade for a good stretch. Last time we came back over it and the reverse side is 12% for about 3 km. This time we opted to add distance elsewhere but just ended up adding an extra 200 meters of climbing in the long run.
Story 2/10: Sun Jun 11 08:23:48 2006, after 0d 01:25:51, Lat:34.312435 Lon:133.089966 Elevation:9.9 m
We got to Mihara Port way early. We needed to get there by 8:45 to meet the Sport Cycle group. We got there before 8:30 and didn't leave until after 9am. Legs stiffened up a little, but the pace to the next rest stop was pretty slow.
Story 3/10: Sun Jun 11 09:44:42 2006, after 0d 02:46:45, Lat:34.202991 Lon:133.075943 Elevation:10.1 m
Pace to the rest stop at the Sport Cycle 20km mark was reasonable. Not very much over 32-34kph. Once again, a very long break. 35 riders in total showed and each rest stop we waited for the last rider to come in.
Story 4/10: Sun Jun 11 10:02:03 2006, after 0d 03:04:06, Lat:34.201847 Lon:133.076248 Elevation:9.4 m
The pace picked up as soon as we lef the 20km rest stop. We were consistently doing over 36-37kph. Hills on the last island to come soon!
Story 5/10: Sun Jun 11 10:16:05 2006, after 0d 03:18:08, Lat:34.167667 Lon:133.066284 Elevation:24.3 m
Masaki-san left no question whether he could climb. He attacked the first hill on this last island with a vengeance. I held on to the top, but we dropped the rest of the group. We didn't regroup until the final bridge.
Story 6/10: Sun Jun 11 10:45:48 2006, after 0d 03:47:51, Lat:34.109905 Lon:132.976822 Elevation:37.5 m
VERY long break at the turn around point.
Story 7/10: Sun Jun 11 11:41:56 2006, after 0d 04:43:59, Lat:34.148998 Lon:133.051620 Elevation:10.2 m
Okada-san's turn to prove that he can climb. No one hung on to him until Masaki caught him at the top. Regrouped on the bottom of the other side.
Story 8/10: Sun Jun 11 11:55:58 2006, after 0d 04:58:01, Lat:34.189518 Lon:133.068359 Elevation:35.2 m
Here we go, we're going to add some distance. This is the first time we took the east side of this island. We had no idea what Okada-san was going to take us up and over.
Story 9/10: Sun Jun 11 12:14:58 2006, after 0d 05:17:01, Lat:34.213062 Lon:133.114044 Elevation:7.1 m
Chris and I expected to round the island to stay on the coast. Okada-san took a left and started climbing. Next thing we knew, we were still climbing, and climbing, and climbing. The drop down the other side was AWESOME! Topped out right around 80.4kph on the GPSr.
Story 10/10: Sun Jun 11 13:52:23 2006, after 0d 06:54:26, Lat:34.313824 Lon:133.152939 Elevation:17.6 m
Here's where we would normally have gone back around the island. Instead, we go over it. CLIMBING AGAIN! Argh!