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Sea-Doo in Tennessee River Mar-31-2007

A short jaunt down the Tennessee River on a Sea-Doo GTi Personal Water Craft from Nickajack dam (below Chattanooga,TN) to Stevenson, AL.

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Story 1/7: Sat Mar 31 17:40:51 2007, after 0d 00:00:16, Lat:35.008427 Lon:-85.619225 Elevation:492.5 ft
Put in below the Nickajack Dam. I stop and take some pictures. Taking my time getting downriver. Eventually, I decide to make better time so I put my laptop in my backpack and my camera around my neck and head down river as fast as the Sea-Doo will go.
Story 2/7: Sat Mar 31 19:18:06 2007, after 0d 01:37:31, Lat:34.852085 Lon:-85.785530 Elevation:591.8 ft
This is where the fun comes to a screeching halt. The Sea-Doo fails to proceed. I lift the seat and notice that I have several inches of water in the place where no water should be. I bail frantically for some time with an empty 1 quart Gatorade bottle. All the time I'm bailing, I'm drifting aimlessly in the middle of the Tennessee River. I am actually moving slowly upriver, as they have the Nickajack Dam closed, and are not releasing any water, and the winds are pushing me upriver.
Story 3/7: Sat Mar 31 19:43:01 2007, after 0d 02:02:26, Lat:34.853706 Lon:-85.783363 Elevation:587.1 ft
After I get all the water out, I start it and it runs, though not well. It's obviously running on only 1 out of 2 cylinders. I head back up the Tennessee River toward the Nickajack Dam as fast as I can go, which is roughly 5 mph.
Story 4/7: Sat Mar 31 19:52:43 2007, after 0d 02:12:08, Lat:34.862885 Lon:-85.771553 Elevation:585.5 ft
At this point, I lift the seat off while the engine is running and discover that the water intake pipe has separated from the exhaust manifold due, presumably due to vibrations, and is spewing water into the engine compartment. So, I bail some more and drift for a while, waiting for someone to rescue my dumb @ss.
Story 5/7: Sat Mar 31 20:04:33 2007, after 0d 02:23:58, Lat:34.864674 Lon:-85.769394 Elevation:586.3 ft
Some guys out in a bass boat with a 150 hp outboard offer to tow me back down river to the nearest boat ramp, which I gladly accept.
Story 6/7: Sat Mar 31 20:14:15 2007, after 0d 02:33:40, Lat:34.855614 Lon:-85.781219 Elevation:590.2 ft
Here, they decide to pick up the pace. We both plane out and I hold on for dear life while being towed behind the bass boat at approx 15 mph.
Story 7/7: Sat Mar 31 20:24:48 2007, after 0d 02:44:13, Lat:34.835735 Lon:-85.802536 Elevation:596.6 ft
Safely at the public boat ramp at Stevenson, Alabama.