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Trip to Altafulla pueblo, then beach, Tamarit castle(nice view from the top of a rock), Tamarit camping site.

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Story 1/6: Fri Apr 20 11:37:37 2007, after 0d 00:05:37, Lat:41.136688 Lon:1.373823 Elevation:4.7 m
Railway station Altafulla-Tamarit (1 stop from Tarragona).
Story 2/6: Fri Apr 20 12:29:12 2007, after 0d 00:57:12, Lat:41.142414 Lon:1.375856 Elevation:53.9 m
On a bench in old part of Altafulla.
Story 3/6: Fri Apr 20 14:00:11 2007, after 0d 02:28:11, Lat:41.134659 Lon:1.382079 Elevation:4 m
Checking the sea water.
Story 4/6: Fri Apr 20 14:58:07 2007, after 0d 03:26:07, Lat:41.130615 Lon:1.361686 Elevation:3 m
Tamarit Castle
Story 5/6: Fri Apr 20 15:21:47 2007, after 0d 03:49:47, Lat:41.129608 Lon:1.360460 Elevation:16.4 m
Standing on a top rock with nice view to the sea.
Tamarit Castle is in our left hand.
Story 6/6: Fri Apr 20 15:52:32 2007, after 0d 04:20:32, Lat:41.133743 Lon:1.365168 Elevation:5.4 m
Wrong way! We are blocked by a fence. So this is not a good shortcut for the railway station.
So we will surround all Tamarit Park camping site.