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Centcelles GCR2TD

From Tarragona by bus 50 to Pont de Diable, then following a marked route to Villa Romana Centcelles, a nice archeologic site to visit. Finding the geocache in a ruined house, then going by foot to a gas stop from where a woman drove me by.

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X Current position
Story 1/11: Thu May 10 12:20:39 2007, after 0d 00:07:41, Lat:41.116722 Lon:1.248960 Elevation:29 m
Going by bus number 50/75
Story 2/11: Thu May 10 12:25:10 2007, after 0d 00:12:12, Lat:41.115383 Lon:1.247034 Elevation:25.6 m
Plaça Imperial Tarraco
Story 3/11: Thu May 10 12:34:38 2007, after 0d 00:21:40, Lat:41.146763 Lon:1.239470 Elevation:36.2 m
Pont de Diable Bus
Story 4/11: Thu May 10 12:39:16 2007, after 0d 00:26:18, Lat:41.145512 Lon:1.237862 Elevation:27.5 m
Junction indicating Centcelles/Aquaduct
Story 5/11: Thu May 10 13:05:55 2007, after 0d 00:52:57, Lat:41.155502 Lon:1.233168 Elevation:33.8 m
Deciding to cross the river directly. There is not bridge, but the river is low.
Story 6/11: Thu May 10 13:29:15 2007, after 0d 01:16:17, Lat:41.155754 Lon:1.226213 Elevation:41 m
Villa Romana Centcelles
Story 7/11: Thu May 10 13:55:46 2007, after 0d 01:42:48, Lat:41.156754 Lon:1.224421 Elevation:44.8 m
Geocache GCR2TD found! Choose the left side of the house, not the right like me!
Story 8/11: Thu May 10 14:41:06 2007, after 0d 02:28:08, Lat:41.151794 Lon:1.228644 Elevation:36.2 m
A Spaniard with an Andaluzian accent tells me that this road dies there.
Story 9/11: Thu May 10 14:55:37 2007, after 0d 02:42:39, Lat:41.144829 Lon:1.228069 Elevation:44.8 m
An industrial bad smelling place begins.
Story 10/11: Thu May 10 15:06:40 2007, after 0d 02:53:42, Lat:41.140953 Lon:1.231057 Elevation:50.6 m
Gas stop where I found a nice driver woman to take me back in Tarragona.
Story 11/11: Thu May 10 15:18:30 2007, after 0d 03:05:32, Lat:41.121284 Lon:1.251538 Elevation:40.5 m
Happy to reach home in time.