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Montblanc rock art

We left from Montblanc (30km from Tarragona) and tried to discover some rock art!

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Story 1/19: Fri May 11 11:19:33 2007, after 0d 00:00:00, Lat:41.377380 Lon:1.163377 Elevation:320.3 m
We start from Montblanc bus station. It is quite hot and very sunny.
Story 2/19: Fri May 11 12:27:53 2007, after 0d 01:08:20, Lat:41.359810 Lon:1.154114 Elevation:400 m
Here we realize that we took a wrong path. We decide it's better to turn back, and soon we'll find the red-white marker to Rojals. But we don't want to go to Rojals.
Story 3/19: Fri May 11 12:31:35 2007, after 0d 01:12:02, Lat:41.358082 Lon:1.154716 Elevation:368.3 m
Here we go right instead of following the marker. We enter in some tall grass field, but soon we find a way out. We should have followed the sign.
Story 4/19: Fri May 11 13:08:34 2007, after 0d 01:49:01, Lat:41.355778 Lon:1.145826 Elevation:424.2 m
We find a river with not so cold water, but still we can refresh. Opposite, there is a nice climbing rock.
Story 5/19: Fri May 11 14:02:37 2007, after 0d 02:43:04, Lat:41.350227 Lon:1.125013 Elevation:551.5 m
We take a small snack.

Story 6/19: Fri May 11 14:15:16 2007, after 0d 02:55:43, Lat:41.348648 Lon:1.121643 Elevation:568.8 m
Many young people resting by the river. It's siesta time.

Story 7/19: Fri May 11 14:44:41 2007, after 0d 03:25:08, Lat:41.345657 Lon:1.115933 Elevation:723 m
We are trying to head, but the way is impossible to be passed. We turn back 100m. We'll find our way soon.

Story 8/19: Fri May 11 15:18:01 2007, after 0d 03:58:28, Lat:41.344086 Lon:1.112363 Elevation:809.6 m
Here we find a cross red-white which means that thisis a wrong way (to Rojals). Here is the main point where we split from the touristic foot path. Good luck!

Story 9/19: Fri May 11 15:35:35 2007, after 0d 04:16:02, Lat:41.348900 Lon:1.116480 Elevation:774.5 m
Choose left foot path. The GPS says so.

Story 10/19: Fri May 11 15:56:49 2007, after 0d 04:37:16, Lat:41.351799 Lon:1.111438 Elevation:840.8 m
Here is the place where we should have turned right. But we turned left...

Story 11/19: Fri May 11 16:14:01 2007, after 0d 04:54:28, Lat:41.354164 Lon:1.105013 Elevation:894.6 m
Here we started to walk between stinging dense bushes, for 120 m.

Story 12/19: Fri May 11 16:44:14 2007, after 0d 05:24:41, Lat:41.355133 Lon:1.105903 Elevation:964.1 m
After 120 m of bushy climbing, we go out to the light.

Story 13/19: Fri May 11 17:01:40 2007, after 0d 05:42:07, Lat:41.355717 Lon:1.106244 Elevation:951.8 m
Mas d'en Ramon rock art. I couldn't find the painting. Probably covered by vegetation.

Story 14/19: Fri May 11 17:52:29 2007, after 0d 06:32:56, Lat:41.355145 Lon:1.113159 Elevation:873 m
Mas d'en Llort / El Portell de les Lletres rock art rock art. I couldn't find them. Probably covered by vegetation.

Story 15/19: Fri May 11 18:38:23 2007, after 0d 07:18:50, Lat:41.363094 Lon:1.115860 Elevation:885.9 m
Mas d'en Llort big water container - "basses de captació d'aigua i font"

Story 16/19: Fri May 11 19:01:50 2007, after 0d 07:42:17, Lat:41.363480 Lon:1.110269 Elevation:933.6 m
We decide to go back to Montblanc. (We were intending to go to Espluga de Francoli, but it was clear that the road was going to other direction)

Story 17/19: Fri May 11 19:25:04 2007, after 0d 08:05:31, Lat:41.365856 Lon:1.123163 Elevation:837.9 m
Finally we start to descend. This looks like an old touristic footpath marked with very pale green/white.

Story 18/19: Fri May 11 20:02:12 2007, after 0d 08:42:39, Lat:41.368935 Lon:1.140672 Elevation:592.7 m
Here we decide it's better to go left. We correctly presumed that going the other way we'll intersect our coming route, so we could have walked 4 km more.

Story 19/19: Fri May 11 20:44:19 2007, after 0d 09:24:46, Lat:41.374744 Lon:1.149163 Elevation:403.4 m
Ou adventure is going to end. We take some pictures with the spring red flowerish fields. The town is visible.